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Randall Park Mall development offer

After years of dashed hopes as developers came and went and Randall Park Mall continued to deteriorate, things are looking up.  Read our response in the press release below - or listen to it straight from Gerry himself:



Local printer offering free business cards to spur Randall Park Mall Development

Porath Business Services, a Cleveland-based printing company, is offering free business cards for a full year to any business that comes into the new development at Randall Park Mall. The mall opened in the Village of North Randall, Ohio in 1976. At the time, it was the largest mall of its kind in the world. It officially closed it’s doors in May of 2009 and has been mostly sitting empty as a developers came and went. “We are right across from the mall property and have watched it deteriorate for years. We want to welcome and lend our support to any businesses that help turn the area around,” said Gerry Engelhart, owner and Chief Problem Solver at Porath. “We are hoping this offer will be an added incentive for businesses to sign on! “

Porath Business Services has been at their current location at 21000 Miles Parkway for 15 years. “There have been so many hopeful rumors about development on the mall property over the years. Every time we got excited and thought ‘this is it!’” said Engelhart. The location at the intersection of Interstates 480 and 271 makes it an ideal location for any number of options. The developers, Chris Semarjian and Stuart Lichter, plan to turn the former mall into an industrial park. Demolition of the mall began on December 29, 2014 and will continue for several months. Some buildings will be renovated rather than being torn down.

A provider of printed stationery, marketing products, direct mail services and signage for close to 50 years, Porath Business Services is the winner of 34 PrintImage Excellence Awards. It is known for its creativity in helping businesses grow and market successfully. The company prides itself on ‘putting the ink into thinking outside the box.’tm

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